as a longtime fan of the galakthorristic works , I started making music on my own.
initially very experimental and erratic, quickly a
Development process set in, which has been triggered by the support of label founder
and in "Herz Jühnings " first single " Faces" culminated .

But I was / am not yet at the end of this development process .

I will limit myself to no strictly defined musical spectrum ,
but walk stylistically rather fluently between the spheres , remains
to a lot of space to be free to work creatively .

Thematically, "Herz Jühning " lines up in the world of his labelmates,
because the focus is on the human, too.
The human, his intentions and the many hidden ,
dark facets of being.
However, masked by the everyday , they set off
and be acted excessively and intense.

And right this emotional level , the world of feelings that
can be difficult to tame , were thematised by "Herz Jühning "
and justify the "Herz [heart]" in the name.